There are many different ways to consume cannabis, and the consumption method can have a big impact on the mental and physical benefits that the consumer receives. Each form of consumption provides a unique experience, so it’s beneficial to know the benefits that come with each method. There are numerous ways to consume, but they can be broken down into three main categories: inhalation, digestion, and topical.

Inhalation Method

Inhalation is the most popular method of consumption. There are many different ways to inhale marijuana, but some of the most popular are pipes, bongs, joints, and blunts. Each of these delivery methods gives a different impact.

Pipes –

Hand pipes are convenient and portable since they can be made so small. They’re also a cheaper investment than getting a bong or bubbler. Pipes are used by inserting dried cannabis into the end and lighting it. That smoke is then inhaled. Pipes produce a drier inhalation, which means most consumers experience it as the harshest effect on the lungs of all the inhalation methods.

Bongs & Bubblers – These work similarly to hand pipes, but there is water involved in the process. You still insert cannabis and light it, but then the smoke mixes with water and creates a wet inhalation experience. Some people feel that it gives a smoother smoking feel. 

Blunts & Joints –

A lot of people don’t know the difference between a blunt and a joint. There’s a common misconception that blunts are just larger while joints are smaller, but the difference is made in the paper that’s used to roll the cannabis. Joints use smaller, thinner paper not made from tobacco. Blunts use cigar paper that is made from tobacco and contains nicotine. When smoking a blunt, consumers get effects from cannabis and nicotine. Joints and blunts deliver the highest level of THC of all inhalation methods.

Vaporizers –

Vaporizer devices have grown in popularity over the years. There are many different styles from pens to volcanos that vaporize cannabis in different ways. Vaporizers are typically thought of as a safer alternative to smoking, but it’s important for consumers to research the impacts of each individual model they’re considering purchasing.

Oral Method

Consuming cannabis orally has become more and more popular as technology of edibles and other oral delivery methods improves. One can consume cannabis orally through food, drinks, oils, and tinctures. Oral delivery can impact a person very differently depending on what oral delivery method is used.

Edibles & Drinks –

Consuming cannabis through food or drink has different effects on the consumer than consumption methods that immediately enter the bloodstream. An edible has to travel through the digestive tract, so based on an individual’s metabolism, it can take longer for the edible to create a physical or psychological impact on the consumer. The technology used to make edibles, which are cannabis infused food and drinks, has changed drastically in recent years making them more popular than ever. Edibles have one of the strongest mental and physical effects, so many cannabis enthusiasts love consuming in the form of edibles.

Tinctures –

A tincture is liquid that consumers use by placing drops under their tongue. By placing the tincture under the tongue, it goes directly into the body rather than traveling through the digestive tract. Tinctures are made by using a solvent such as alcohol or vinegar.

Topical Method

The topical consumption method is used mostly by consumers who want to receive physical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects associated with the plant. Cannabis infused topicals can help provide consumers with localized pain relief and decreased inflammation.

Lotions, salves, and oils –

There are now many lotions and other body products on the market that contain CBD oil, but you can find lotions containing THC as well. Even topicals that contain THC typically won’t produce a psychoactive effect because it cannot penetrate the bloodstream. Cannabis infused lotions work because they bind to cannabinoid receptors which are naturally found throughout the body and activated by the cannabis properties.

When choosing a consumption method for cannabis, you should consider the effects and benefits that you are trying to receive in addition to the unique properties of each delivery method. If you are new to cannabis, consult someone at your local dispensary. Cannabis has been proven to help with many illnesses and conditions from minor pain and headaches to epilepsy.